About us

Ullapool Unpacked C.I.C. is a social enterprise set up to help our community produce less waste.
Formed in April of 2019 by Evie Strange, we have done this in a number of ways, most recently through a pop up shop in the Local Village Hall.

What we sell

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Group of three jars with pasta and oats and with black beans in them.

5 reasons why to use a refill shop

1. You are avoiding using throw away plastic packaging

2. You are cutting down on food waste by buying only what you need

3. You can save money!

4. You are supporting a small local business

5. It’s a more sustainable way of shopping

How does it work?

1. Weigh

First, we weigh your empty container and put the scales to zero. (This is called the Tare weight)

2. Fill

Then we will your empty container with as little or as much as you like.

3. Weigh

We weigh your container again to get the weight of the product inside.

4. Pay

Once you have everything you need, you pay for the weight of the products and not the packaging.

what containers can I use?

Have you started saving your containers for refilling?
Here are some ideas for what you can use
ullapool staff

Reusable fabric bags

illustration of trio of glass jars copyright by Hebe Denny

Reused jars, e.g. jam

illustration of two glass bottles copyright by Hebe Denny

Plastic/glass bottles

Tupperware containers

Plastic pots, e.g. yogurt

illustration of kilner glass jar copyright by Hebe Denny

Kilner style glass jars

our suppliers

At Ullapool Unpacked chooses our suppliers carefully, so you can know that the food you buy is the best for the planet and for you.

Our Team

Ullapool Unpacked is a community interest company run by a board of directors, who all have a passion for community, and reducing waste. We also benefit greatly from the support of our volunteers. Visit our Team page to find out more about us and our volunteering opportunities.